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What Is Gap Insurance and Do You Need It?

If you bought a new car, it started to depreciate as soon as you drove it off the lot, about 10 percent of its original value in a year’s time. And that’s just an approximate estimate; some can depreciate as much as 50 percen...

POSTED MAY 23, 2018
Why You Should Shop for Car Insurance Every 6 Months

Ever wonder if getting a 12-month auto insurance policy is better than buying a 6-month policy? There are pros and cons for going either of direction, but ultimately it might be in your best interest to stay with the shorter-term version. A 12...

POSTED MAY 23, 2018
Now What? How to File an Auto Insurance Claim After an Accident

When you’re in an accident, whether someone is hurt, there is extensive damage to the cars or property involved, or the event is a simple fender bender, you’ll need to file a claim for coverage.  If you live in a no-fault...

How to Clear Your Driving Record and Save On Insurance

A bad driving record comes with consequences, none of them good. One of the most well-known negatives is that, when a ding to your record your car insurance rates can go up. Fortunately, you may be able to do something about it. The Point Syst...

Will Your Car Insurance Cover You Out of State?

As spring and summer head our way, you may be planning a cross-country drive. A common concern with drivers is whether or not their auto insurance policy will cover them if they are in an accident out-of-state. Unless you’re traveling to a f...

Do You Need Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Don’t own a car? You might still need to own an auto insurance policy. Called non-owner auto insurance, this kind of coverage can be a good idea and, in some states and circumstances, even required. Non-owner car insurance is a unique po...

How Much Will Your Auto Insurance Rates Go Up After an Accident?

It’s common knowledge that if you’re in an auto accident and file a claim your insurance rates are likely to go up. Many people decide not to report minor damage in fear of seeing their rates skyrocket. According to one report, if...

8 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident

When you’re in a car accident, whether it’s minor fender-bender or a major collision, it’s very unsettling. You may be disoriented, not sure what to do next. The best way to be prepared for such a moment is to learn the steps tha...

Do Your Homework Before You Apply for Auto Loan

When you decide it’s time to buy that new car you’ve been wanting, unless you are in a position to pay cash you’ll need to get a loan. For a lot of people, that step in the process is last, but do yourself a favor and think about...

When to File an Auto Insurance Claim and When It’s Smart Not To

Should you, or shouldn’t you? It’s common knowledge that whenever you file an auto insurance claim your premiums might go up. So should you or shouldn’t you file a claim? Whether you should or shouldn’t file depends. Wh...


EINSURANCE.(com): EInsurance Journal Home Insurance Articles

Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects to Take On This Summer

Home improvement doesn’t have to be about remodeling the bathroom or taking out a wall to expand a room. This summer, concentrate on a few projects that will enhance your home and, because they don’t need to be expensive, can improve y...

POSTED MAY 23, 2018
What’s It Going to Be: Should You Remodel Your Home or Move?

There comes a time when many homeowners ponder: Is it time to move or should I just remodel? The answer is one part emotion and the other part logic. Emotional Considerations: Should I Stay or Should I Go? We tend to grow attached to a hom...

What You Should Know About Earth Movement Coverage for Your Home

If you live in certain areas prone to natural disasters, or particular states, you may need to get extra coverage beyond your homeowners policy. But, be prepared: it gets complicated! Policy Exclusions For Earth Movement Home policies don&...

7 Things Your Home Insurance Policy Probably Doesn't Cover

If you’re like many of us, you haven’t actually read your homeowners insurance policy. Do you know what your policy does and doesn’t cover? Should you ever need it, you might be surprised. Because, the truth is, many fairly commo...

5 Things to Know Before Buying Home Insurance

All lenders require you to purchase a homeowners insurance policy when you buy a home. That part’s simple enough to understand. But when you dig a little deeper into what home insurance is all about, it gets more complicated. Here are some t...


News – Insurance Journal

Alberto, 2018’s First Named Storm, Heading for Florida, Southeast Coast
Meet Alberto, the first named storm of 2018. The sub-tropical storm off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is expected to bring heavy rain to western Cuba and much of Florida early next week, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said Friday. Alberto …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:54 PM
Illinois Lawmakers Send Governor Bill Legalizing Industrial Hemp
The Illinois House has sent the governor a measure legalizing industrial hemp. The House voted 106-3 this week to allow hemp cultivation for commercial use. Hemp is a form of the cannabis plant distinct from marijuana. It does not produce …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:47 PM
Oklahoma Earthquakes Lead to More Injection Well Shut Downs
The Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Oil and Gas Division is directing some injection wells in north-central Oklahoma reduce injection volumes and others to stop operations. The directive issued Wednesday comes after the U.S. Geological Survey recently recorded several earthquakes in the …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:46 PM
Michigan Legislators Decide Motorists Need 3-Foot Distance to Pass Bikes
Michigan drivers would have to allow 3 feet of clearance or a “safe passing distance” while going by a bike on the road as part of a legislative compromise that could reach the governor soon. The Senate voted 36-1 this …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:34 PM
Offshore Worker Alleges Bias in Louisiana Lawsuit
An African-American offshore oil worker has filed a federal lawsuit saying he was intimidated on the job by a supervisor who drew a picture of him dangling from a high rig structure while surrounded by co-workers in Ku Klux Klan …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:31 PM
Ohio Homeowner Trying to Kill Weeds Burns Down Garage
Authorities say a Ohio homeowner trying to kill troublesome weeds with a torch has burned down his garage. The Springfield News-Sun reported Springfield Township firefighters in central Ohio were called to a home around 4 a.m. Thursday for a detached …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:28 PM
Virginia Governor Northam Vetoes GOP Healthcare Bills
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has vetoed a handful of GOP-backed bills related to health care. Northam vetoed a bill that would have allowed all groups like the Virginia Chamber of Commerce to pool their members together in a group to …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:15 PM
Southern California Agents Arrested for Fraud
California-based life insurance agents, Samuel Tadlock III, 32, of Eastvale, Marlene Ramirez, 42, of Murrieta, Daniel Herrarte, 34, of Sylmar, and Jorge Lopez Jr., 38, of San Fernando, were arrested this week on multiple felony counts of identity theft and …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 3:12 PM
Fired Oregon Dispatcher Settles Suit for $75,000
The city of Springfield, Ore. has agreed to pay $75,000 to settle a 2014 lawsuit by a dispatcher who said she was wrongly fired after accusing officers of inappropriate conduct. The Register-Guard reported that a joint statement from the city …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 2:59 PM
Hawaii, Central Pacific Could See Handful of Hurricanes This Season
The Central Pacific could see anywhere from three to six hurricanes over the next six months, forecasters predicted Wednesday. That would be an increase over the two named storms last year. Storm activity is likely to be normal or a …

POSTED MAY 25, 2018 2:56 PM

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